Friday, April 14, 2006

Revelation: Water shall grow ye crops

I visited an oracle the other day. Years of awkwardness need not be more, he seemed to say. Gain understanding ye dim wit. Thus too has art and cadence and thought. Society, a complicated affair, I thought and left. Can this too be know how, simple as that?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Potion

For a change of tone from the mouthy jumble of the last post; I attended an Opera tonight. The Elixir of Love surpassed my expectations for a college production. As might be reasoned from the title the plot line followed a boy overcome with a girl, Adina, and unable to win her as she falls for a smooth commanding officer. At this point the “doctor” with the love elixir comes in. He downs the elixir and, believing that all women will fall for him, takes the engaged Adina from the officer, and in an embrace of love the Opera ends. Now, our man is the typical Stu (the man who lacks all the basic knowledge of how to win a women and in his impropriety displays this passionate simplicity disastrously), and this Stu like most is turned away. Thus the Stu turns to the elixir and is saved. In the act of taking the elixir however he gains confidence. It is in this confidence that he takes her heart. For as soon as she finds he doesn’t need her, finds him desireless, she is pulled to him. I want it to be made known thitherto that when crumbling at the feet of that beauty: I will remember the elixir and with confidence—she shall come to me.