Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Definition

Victory: The state of being successfull/overcoming an obstacle which hinders your path to righteousness.

Victory: The state where upon the powerful, the strong, the wise--in common phrase the "real" man obtains defeat.

Victory: Defeat ?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paris -

Yes, I have now been to that restless city, yes I have been to France!

Did I despise it? Oh very much so; as there own writer puts it;

"Yes, I've been to Paris: It's a mixture of everything found in all the Providences. It's a chaos, a restless throng in which everyone is looking for pleasure and hardly anyone ever finds it..."
- Voltaire

Still in doubt?

"....in every province the chief occupations, in order of importance, are love-making, malicious gossip and talking nonsense."

But in all its despicable nonsensicalness, the charm caught me. Yes after just two weeks I might be overheard uttering, "Paris, that city of activity, that city of life, one can not help...". No I cannot bear to hear it. The French are all to arrogant to be the patrons of a loved city. If one loved Paris one would be captured by Paris. An unacceptable defeat for an American man. Really they are the French.