Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Definition

Victory: The state of being successfull/overcoming an obstacle which hinders your path to righteousness.

Victory: The state where upon the powerful, the strong, the wise--in common phrase the "real" man obtains defeat.

Victory: Defeat ?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paris -

Yes, I have now been to that restless city, yes I have been to France!

Did I despise it? Oh very much so; as there own writer puts it;

"Yes, I've been to Paris: It's a mixture of everything found in all the Providences. It's a chaos, a restless throng in which everyone is looking for pleasure and hardly anyone ever finds it..."
- Voltaire

Still in doubt?

"....in every province the chief occupations, in order of importance, are love-making, malicious gossip and talking nonsense."

But in all its despicable nonsensicalness, the charm caught me. Yes after just two weeks I might be overheard uttering, "Paris, that city of activity, that city of life, one can not help...". No I cannot bear to hear it. The French are all to arrogant to be the patrons of a loved city. If one loved Paris one would be captured by Paris. An unacceptable defeat for an American man. Really they are the French.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A man in the midst of snobs

Well I´ve been in France.

Not alot more to say when the keyboqrd zorks like this I ,eqn reqlly it is auite qbnoxious:

No Its been a great trip and I shall post more in a few weeks.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Rolling forth through hills of contemplation
Earthen hills with golden aspiration.
Springing forth thoughts of youth, time bearing
Hither they be gray or Boring.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Well, It's been a while and I have some excellent post ideas to form, however they were shrugged off for this. A friend of mine from Gunnison days died this past week in a ski groomer accident. A good guy, we went on a canyoneering trip and just got along well. He was a guy, as my friend Annie put it, that made you feel important, always. I wrote this for his family.

Ballad of a Crying Man

Reclining back in leather couches, ten men, there were,
With blubber pouches.
Discussing what and this or that; the problems past,
Gone in generations.
“Here it is! The idle youth, off to travel, spend their father’s,
Good earned fruit.”
Another raised his glass to that, “Squanderers ALL! If not for us,
Drunk, down, to the dregs, be’ our great nation”.
Clamorous grunts were raised, to adamant affirmation. But, just then,
A quiet voice, did I dare raise amidst the rubble,
“Knew I once a man, one of the worst offenders of what you say.”
Grumbling murmurs accompanied me along the way,
“Traveler”, competing with, “A ski bum cook, or of the like;
Putting them to work be’d my delight”.

But carried I, on with my cry;

What gives life and what makes right,
Is it what you suggest? But might?
This man I knew he lived his life,
For others good and their delight.

A man content with humble praise,
His friends regarded, from day to day.
Filled? Were his chests with paper honors?
Filled! Was his chest with love, honorable.

Stand you important, here today?
This man, for others lived; their
Importance; day to day. Flowing
Goodness, lived, in “simple” ways.

You’ve made you life in pride and strife.
Exemplified the pride of Life.
Greatness have you gained tonight?
This man, his pride was heart and light.

Stopped of a sudden, with wild eye, did I. Shifting glances, lighted seats,
Hearts subdued in quiet peace.
And for that day I’d like to think, a manliness of truth,
Their paths they did pursue.
But if not, it’s a small matter, because a friend has great effect
On but a few of friends and brothers.
And if this done in right ways for consistent days, his life has meaning,
Greatness; surpassing man made praise.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Age Unprecedented

Land upon an empty rain
Salted hearts for lack of reign.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Divine Reason

This came as a bit of…illumination for my thick skull,
“such readers as draw their principles of judgement rather from books than from reason.”
- Samuel Johnson
What attitude do we and our educational institutes attempt to create in us? Too obtain the learning of what to think by, reason, and wealth of resources of which to employ this on or to obtain certain knowledge in order to think correctly. Or am I setting up a false argument?