Monday, January 07, 2008

A New Means in a New Media

A Harvard grad discontented with the state of intellectual fermentation has come out with a new idea... a you-tube for intellectuals. Just opened today the site will attempt to give interviews with top thinkers and leaders. Organized into national topics these are arranged around bigger issues. And hence the incredibly brilliant title, You would think that if the man was truly committed to extending the interplay of ideas he would have taken a bigger step beyond American consumerism than to simply add "think" to the given American "bigness". But, after walking for fifteen minutes and proposing "" as a suitable alternative I admitted to myself that I was simply listening to NPR while in an unstable state over the holidays. Laying the sorry British imitation aside, I readily accepted the site. This initial acceptance was further strengthened when recalling that I could remember the address and had visited it without a paper clipping. Well I briefly visited the site, it looked legitimate, and thought of posting the word in light of the recent deficit of posts.

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