Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An update

well, i am now back home in winthrop,wa. or as back home as home can get.

my parents are selling our home and moving down closer to town where the snow reaches 4 feet instead of a near record 7 up at the northern end of our valley where our home is now.

rather then rent out a place while the new house is remodeled they decided to stay true to their ll beanish roots and camp all summer on the property. yes, they are old and hard core. the conclusion to all of this is that im going to be housesitting most of the summer, up north, where everything is better.

graduated, yes thats me.

working at futher establishing an orchard for my father for the last month I am now debt free and considering options. teaching overseas is likely.

i am working a carpentry job until the fall to get on my feet. And climbing mount rainer this weekend.

life is decent and filled with good things.


Thomas Banks said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. If I'm in the area at all this summer, I'll definitely drop you a line.



The wanderer A said...

Well BUM!!! It is good to hear that the great out doors has only claimed your spirit but not your body....yet. We still need to hit Canada and you need to call.