Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mr. T

In life I have heard that there is an equation with time and money. Time equals Money. The more time you have to your self more the scales dip and invariably money starts lossing. To make all fair the more money the less time. The advancers of said theory generally are A) pursuing a life style where life is beautiful, poetic, or simply not Walmarty and B) decidedly middleclass. For the underlying assumption is that money will not just fall. Else the equation would run time plus money equals leasure.

In order to get meaningful time (purhaps time to experience the beautiful?) a certain amount of money is required. Hence comes the delemma; time or money. And more to the point; office cube work really sucks. How to avoid it? Or taking into account the equation, how to minimize it? Get the most money for your time?

This trail of thought came about shortly after I put a social engagement to a time scheduale. And succeeded! Truly a dangerous step toward modern time constraints. It is amazing what happens to someone in the country.


The wanderer A said...

To the normal time = money applies.
To the above average maximized money for time.
To the brilliant time and money.
Now the trick is to just become brilliant.

Thomas Banks said...

Time=Money. Yet death still crowns the equation. Gather ye retirement package while ye may.

Enjoyed the post.